How Using GermZapp Can Improve Better Hand Washing Habits

How Using GermZAPP Can Improve Better Hand Washing Habits

Based on the following data and demonstrated by our pilot testing in preschools and K-6 schools, our “fun factor” increases engagement and habit building, unlike unsupervised kiosks or signs that are largely ignored.

Frost & Sullivan stated in a report dated January 22,2020 that “Hand hygiene companies can boost their market share by seizing the growth opportunities presented by introducing gamification to increase adoption.”

The Consulting firm Deloitte, cited gamification as one of its Top 10 Technology Trends , predicting: “Gaming simulations and game mechanics such as leaderboards, achievements, and skill-based learning are becoming embedded in day-to-day processes, driving adoption, performance, and engagement.”

Pew research states: “Neuroscientists are discovering more and more about the ways in which humans react to such interactive design elements. They say such elements can cause feel-good chemical reactions, alter human responses to stimuli—increasing reaction times, and can improve learning, participation, and motivation.”

The GermZAPP System is Based on Science and Health Expert Recommendations :

A summary of published studies show that absenteeism can be reduced by 5-10 percent by placing more emphasis on hand hygiene in a school through things like education programs on hand hygiene. (Azor-Martinez, 2014.)

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and CDC recommend that, in advance of a pandemic of influenza, schools implement effective infection prevention policies and procedures that help limit the spread of influenza.

Good hygiene is one of the simplest ways your child can prevent the spread of germs. (CDC, 2016).

Better hand hygiene is one of the CDC’s top recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19 (Infection Control Today, 2017).

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