How GermZAPP Works

Unique Features Offered by GermZAPP

The GermZAPP system includes several unique features not found among other automated hand hygiene systems in the marketplace:

  • Provides a fun and engaging hand washing solution for untapped markets, providing essential education to decrease germ transmission and absences. This can decrease risk of lost government funding, lost profit and reputation.
  • Provides CDC recommended step-by-step instructions for proper hand washing procedures, including the critical 20 second scrub time.
  • By modeling our system after gaming products that are engaging and fun, we turn wash data into leaderboards with associated competitions, games and rewards via anonymous tracking.
  • Custom messages and visual and auditory images to enhance user engagement.
  • Does not require use of proprietary soaps, dispensers, or other materials to operate the system.
  • Our pricing model is a fraction of competitors offering similar services.

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