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Lisa's Story

As a career medical clinician who works in a hospital, I have always been acutely aware of the importance of proper hand hygiene. When my then 88-year-old mother was admitted for a total hip replacement, all of a sudden, it was personal.  As I watched the staff enter and exit the room, I began noticing that there was “situational” washing, but not consistently the “CDC recommended” actual 20 seconds, thus, possibly not an effective wash. So, being “germ diligent”, I became the 20 second / proper hand wash guardian of my mom!

I spent the next year investigating this challenge, and discovered that hospitals, while careful about situational washing, even admit that there needs to be more attention to quality (CDC) specific guidelines for 5 steps and 20 second scrub). The focus only increases with the emergence of newer and more prevalent easily communicable diseases.

I discovered with early data that schools, day care establishments, small businesses, and restaurants occupy a niche gap for systems of education and tracking. These markets are hungry for systems of assurance that proper hand hygiene is happening.

In the search for a Minimum Viable product (MVP), I discovered Automation Creations, Inc (ACI) in Blacksburg, who helped me to create a proof of concept.

Enter the Advancement Foundation’s Gauntlet Business program and Competition, with endless support, knowledge, connections, and help with funding. (GermZAPP won the 2020 Gauntlet) I was able to partner with a manufacturer (IVO) who was able to bring my concept to life as a market ready product.  The Advancement Foundation went on to get my business to the next level, via the Innovation Mill, with even more leads and connections and mentoring.

In a post COVID world, it is imperative to improve the quality of community safety and protection of individuals, especially as states and global businesses restart. The proper handwashing guidelines and essential 20 seconds have never been more publicized and critical than they are now. The risk of new strains of transmittable diseases is an inevitable reality. Hand wash habits must be ingrained in as many individuals as possible, similar to car seats and sunscreen.

The next stop is participating in Old Dominion University’s Business Development Center, starting in 2022.


Also, as a result of the pandemic, more stringent health codes for schools have been established, and workplace (OSHA) guidelines are in place, driving the need for more accountability to make sure employees are following due diligence. Schools, small businesses, and restaurants would be able to be sure their students, employees and clients are washing their hands properly. (Think about the peace of mind from a 2-minute toothbrush, knowing you did the ADA recommended time for best tooth care.)

Schools would be able to help minimize student and teacher absences, which can lead to decreasing absences and preventing loss of government funding.  Businesses and restaurants would decrease the risk of catastrophic damage to profits and reputation as a result of an outbreak.

One big focus is making this system affordable, which allows access by rural school systems, small schools, private schools, and through nonprofit funding. See “For Non-Profits” tab to explore funding with GIVIO. GermZAPP is intentionally priced competitively with regular soap dispensing units, but GermZAPP features educational cues and our associated database for the same price point.


The possibilities are endless. One goal is also to use the Toms Shoe model, such that purchased contracts would generate free units to be placed in an underserved site of the purchaser’s choice. I want to make a difference!  I believe my product can have a positive impact on not only individuals, but businesses, and the community.


GERMZAPP is a product made by “WashURhands LLC”. We are a woman founded, woman owned company in Blacksburg and Covington, Virginia.

Our patent pending hand wash educational system revolutionizes hand hygiene by educational cueing per CDC recommended steps, made fun with the use of our tracking and data base. Made for schools and businesses. Use of our system can help save your school or business from:
  • Lost government funding
  • Decreased enrollment
  • Decreased productivity
  • Lost profit
  • Lost reputation
Our real time education helps develop best practice habits, and improve the health of your organization, thus saving you money.

Our Vision

To be a leading source for accurate, affordable, and easy to use hand washing.

Our Misson

GermZapp is a unique and affordable hand hygiene compliance monitoring system that aims to mitigate health risks in public settings.

Our Purpose

GermZapp is a unique and affordable hand hygiene compliance monitoring system that aims to mitigate health risks in public settings.

Our Company


  • By modeling our system after similar products developed exclusively for health care,  we have broken the mold by making ours intuitive,  simple to install, easy to follow, and far more affordable than the medical systems.
  • We saw the niche market for schools, restaurants and businesses, and jumped on it.
  • Our sink-side soap and water hand wash tool makes hygiene compliance interactive and fun by following the audio and visual cues.
  • Optional features include customizable tunes and images.
  • The compliant or non-compliant events are recorded with a time stamp and sent to our secure cloud based analytics page.
  • Access to this data reporting allows administrators and management to track and encourage the CDC recommended hand hygiene best practices.


GermZAPP Soap and Water Devices

No!  Compliance is tracked anonymously. 

No!  GermZAPP uses various proximity sensors to detect an individual in the washing area.  GermZAPP thus does not violate any bathroom or privacy laws.


Increased frequency and effectiveness of hand washing in schools and offices helps to decrease student, teacher, and employee   absenteeism. 

Each absent student in public school loses $65.34 in funding for the school district per day.

The average public-school teacher misses 5.3 days of school per year, this costs the district an average of $530 per teacher, per year.

     Lost dollars = less funds for school use.

Government offices and businesses improve productivity and profit with decreased absenteeism from decreased germ transference in the workplace.

  • Our  cloud based dashboard allows authorized personnel to track washing data.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly sorting creates actionable data charts and graphs.
  • Dashboard can  monitored via our cloud based control panel from anywhere via authorized users.

No ! Our units cost $250.00 per unit and $1.00 per unit per month for data access.

No.  Although nothing can be completely unhackable, GermZAPP has been designed with network security in mind including encrypted passwords.

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