About Us


To create improved and sustained hand washing habits through the power of games.


To be the leading system used for decreased germ transference which aims to mitigate health risks.


To make the world a safer, healthier place by empowering people and organizations to achieve better hand wash habits.

Our Company

WE BROKE THE MOLD by modeling our system after gaming products that are engaging and fun, we have broken the mold by making our education tool record the compliant and noncompliant wash data into leaderboards with associated competitions, games and rewards.

  • It starts with easy to follow real time audio and visual cuing. The education follows the Center for Disease Control ( CDC) recommended steps and timing.
  • Our unique data use for fun games and competition helps to improve engagement to develop improved habits for safety in the immediate environment, while empowering individuals to use this skill everywhere. Unlike signs that are largely ignored, or unsupervised kiosks, our “ fun factor” increases engagement and habit building.

Having Trouble with Funding?

We can help nonprofits look for resources and have secured several options to help with funding.  We provide lists of resources, and can also do a presentation for your organization. 
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