Hand Hygiene made simple. Save lives, save money.

Real-time hand wash education cuing proven to  increase engagement and decrease risk of disease transmission and illness. 

Why Us

We Teach Proper Habits

Simple, easy to follow, real time audio and visual prompts for CDC recommended wash steps.

We make it simple.

Our system affordably and objectively educates and collects performance data for use to study and make improvements.

Save lives, save money.

Helps decrease risk of illness, absenteeism, lost productivity, financial penalties, and damage to reputation.

Health Is Your Best Investment

Proper hand hygiene is critical to decrease germ transmission and resultant sickness in healthcare settings and residential facilities. 

Not only does illness affect the health and safety of the above populations, but it  also affects productivity, profit, reputation, as well as risk of stiff financial penalties from regulatory and government agencies.

Why GermZapp?

The nation’s infection preventionists agree with the findings of the new report released 3/1/24 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General that the U.S. needs to take drastic steps to better protect our seniors from potentially deadly infections in nursing homes.

What Is GermZAPP

GermZAPP is an automated, real time, hand wash education system with audio and visual prompts for proper timing and technique of Hand Hygiene per CDC recommendations. 

Our over the sink units log this information with a timestamp per wash event ,  and record it  into a database for internal review and quality assessment for improvement.

Resultant data can be used to prove compliance and make improvement plans per regulatory agencies, thus making compliance easier with the ever increasing effort to monitor and  improve  Hand Hygiene.

Hand Hygiene simplified and revolutionized

Following  guidelines from the WHO and CDC in 2023, the “Association of  Professionals for Infection Control”  ( APIC)  “Practice  Guidance Committee”  developed a “Hand Hygiene Toolkit” as a resource for healthcare providers to aid in improving  hand hygiene in different settings.

Their  objective is to provide a user-friendly toolkit that equips healthcare providers with essential tools and educational materials to educate and engage users  in the critical importance of hand hygiene.

GermZAPP was intentionally designed to support the spirit of this APIC toolkit by providing automated  data collection. Our device can be used with its own database or can be merged with other compliance software. We provide a cost-effective,  and user friendly  approach to decreasing germ transmission. GermZAPP  objectively  and affordablycollects this data while improving facility health and finances.

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