Handwashing Compliance For Life

 Saves money by preventing outbreaks of diseases. Decrease your risk of loss of government funding, or catastrophic damage to  profit or reputation. 

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Affordable education and compliance tracking, with actionable data to save you money .

Whether you’re a school administrator, restaurant or business owner, you know that proper hand hygiene is the foundation of  the health of your students, customers and employees. 

GermZAPP system is similar to hand wash compliance systems in health care, but designed for these niche businesses who would benefit from reinforcing best practices. It is designed to be collaborative, not punitive. Our information dashboard can guide decisions and provide justification for funds and health code compliance, as well as increase customer confidence in your organization. 

Hygiene-reputation is real, and not something you want to lose. GermZAPP can only help keep your employees, students and customers  healthy, and also decreases the very real risk of loss of funding, productivity, and fines. Repairing reputation is next to impossible.


Health Is Your Best Investment

WashURHands is a novel system that educates users in the CDC recommended hand wash technique in real time, using audio and visual cues. It includes a follow along 20 second scrub timer, to ensure cleanliness. The patent pending system knows where the washer is , and if they are  scrubbing the entire time. It logs a ” successful ” or ” not successful” event and a time stamp. Not only is habit formation essential, but these habits have a ripple effect to families and communities.

 GermZAPP has a “silent data collection” mode that collects baseline data on your organization. The cloud based information can guide decisions on improvement strategies as needed to show progress made. This information is power to provide statistics for government funds (as in the case of schools), compliance data to regulatory agencies, and instill confidence in parents, employees, and customers that extra safety measures are important to your business. Healthy business = Healthy reputation 


Some Of Our Services

Anonymous Tracking

Track handwashing compliance without identifying individual users.  Perfect for situations like schools or events.

Employee Tracking

Track individual employee hand washing compliance.  Perfect for restaurants, businesses pharmacies and clinics.

Administrative Backend

Look up individual employee or group anonymous hand washing compliance data for the past day, week, month or year.  Check it anywhere at any time from any internet connected device. Provide data for government funding, health regulatory agencies, or through media to show that your business is taking measures to keep employees and customers safe.