Revolutionizing Hand Hygiene to make it FUN

Handwashing made fun increases engagement, decreases your risk of lost profits and reputation. 

Why Us?

We Teach Proper Habits

Simple, easy to follow, real time audio and visual cues for CDC recommended wash steps.

We Make it Fun

Our system turns data into games and rewards.

Helps develop essential lifetime habits for use ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, EVERYTIME.

Culture of Clean

Helps decrease risk of lost productivity, profits, and reputation.

What Is GermZAPP

GermZAPP is an engaging Hand Wash Education System for school settings caring for children ages 2-10. By providing real time instruction per Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations via our “over the sink” units,  we then send the anonymous results to our database. We turn these results into rewarding games to help develop lifetime habits and decrease germ transmission at school while lowering risk of absenteeism, decreased productivity, and loss of profits and reputation.

Health Is Your Best Investment

Increased Hand hygiene has  become critical to decrease germ transference between  students, staff and customers.

Absenteeism from sickness decreases any businesses  productivity, profit, and potentially reputation.

 Not only is habit formation essential, but these habits have a ripple effect to families and communities.

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